Thursday, October 22, 2009

We all know about Fr. Jonathan Morris leaving the Legion

and going to an obscure parish in NY

From Old St Patrick's Parish Bulletin, 28 June, 2009:
Welcome, Fr. Jonathan Morris, LC

Fr. Morris will join our pastoral

team here at St. Patrick’s starting

July 1. While writing a new book

and continuing his work as a religion

commentator for Fox News

Channel, Fr. Morris will assist us for

six months or more with the celebration

of the sacraments, pastoral care

and special projects.

He will reside at Our Lady of

Loretto on Elizabeth Street.

Fr. Morris grew up in Cleveland,

Ohio. After obtaining a degree in

business at Franciscan University,

he entered the seminary at 21 years

of age to become a member of the Legionaries of Christ.

Among his accomplishments in 15 years of priesthood,: Vice-

Rector of his order’s seminary in Rome, advisor to the filming

of the Passion of the Christ and author of a book entitled, The

Promise: God's Purpose and Plan for When Life Hurts. Currently

he is a religion news commentator. Perhaps, you can

catch him on Fox News Channel (cable) before you get to

meet him in July.

Welcoming Reception

Join us at a reception for Fr. Morris in the courtyard in front of

32 Prince Street (school building) starting at

6:00 PM. There will be food and drink and an opportunity for

the parish to express its thanks to God for a new member of

the parish team. We hope that Father Morris will enjoy being

with us. Please come and make him

feel welcome.

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