Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fr Todd Belardi and 2 other Priests Abandon the Legion in Atlanta

see him on U-Tube link below

Fr. Todd, a shining light of the Legion's Atlanta [Pinecrest, etc.] community is leaving

The handsome guys are pursure their "ecclesiastical careers" elsewhere...

Ma, che bella faccia!

The blogger's use of the word "abandon" is intentional; it was the word Fr Maciel used when he tried to instill into us never to leave the Legion, never to "abandon our God-given vocation from all eternity to be called to the Legion of Christ". It takes some theological and faith readjustments in our interior as one summons the courage to leave.

But the change can be growthful:
a new vision of oneself: no longer a clone of Maciel
a new vision of the priesthood: it is a personal committment to Jesus
a new vision of the Legion: it is just one -quite flawed- part of the Church, no longer the Jesuits new and improved
a humbling experience: no more songs of glory about the Legion and the Regnum created by Marcial Maciel

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