Friday, October 22, 2010

False Appearances of Holiness VS Trusting in God

a bit behind the curve with Xavier Leger's 2nd part [3rd to follow]

He went through a full description of those “false appearances of holiness”. He described all the traps of a spirituality based upon appearances. The main problem of those traps is that they “freeze” us in a fixed, one-way life, while the very principle of the Christian life is precisely to be a journey of freedom. He explained to us how those “false appearances of holiness” led us to get fossilized, and, as a result, unresponsive to the actions of the Holy Spirit, which are always uncontrollable ["unpredictable", "unprogrammable", I, the blogger, might say].

From the REGAIN page, Regain Activities, Conference 2002:

Epilogue upon leaving: Monday, 7/1/02 DFW towards Houston on CO flight 141, 9:40 am
The spirituality that guided this trip for me was: IN GOD I TRUST.

I did not have everything planned to the very last detail, as a Legionary would. There were times when I did not know what was going to happen next, what to do. I was almost, but not quite, "flying by the seat of my pants". The team and I were constantly pulled in various directions trying to facilitate the diverse needs, insights, desires, and plans of the other participants and the journalists.But we were united in our effort to stem the tide of deceit, bad faith, manipulation, abuse and power of the Legion of Christ. We were all, like the vast majority of RC men and women and LC priest and student survivors, people of good will who had broken out of a vicious system over which we had no power and which disguises its viciousness behind a benevolent facade.

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