Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Many left many years ago

Just found out that Fr. Neftali Sanchez (above, left), recruited  as a child by Nuestro Padre Maciel, recently celebrated his Golden Jubilee as a priest in the diocese of Morelia. One of the handpicked very first group of children recuited by the Founder, Neftali was ordained in the 1960'. He was sent to be the first Legionary priest in Ireland and to minister to the postulants -as I describe in my memoir, Our Father [Maciel] who art in bed.

As so often happens in the Legion, he 'disappeared' not long afterwards never to be mentioned or heard of again in our communities. He fell into the black hole of the unfaithful departed.  Jose Barba caught up with him again in Morelia, his home diocese, years later. Neftali was happily teaching at a university and performing his pastoral duties.

The following link leads to a Spanish language article describing that happy celebration.

Greetings to Fr. Neftali, my first LC priest, after Maciel, but the first one to minister to me, as Father Maciel's visit to us postulants was short and his presence fleeting.

Fr. Neftali [on the left] was the one who told me after confession one day that Nuestro Padre had 'seen my qualities' and wanted me to travel to Salamanca to begin my holy Novitiate and be among the first group of Irish Novices...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fr. Berg is the object of Legionaries' prayers

Legionaries on all the battlefronts pray for those who have been unfaithful to their Divine Calling to the Legion, for those who were not generous enough, who did not understand the greatness of their calling, for those who have deserted...

His failing? Leaving the Legion of Christ, God's Divinely Inspired Work

Notice in the photo how Fr. Berg looks heart-broken and longs to go back to the "Mother that bore him"

Fr Berg gave a telling interview to Sandro Magister some weeks back, "The Legion of Christ's Last Stand"

Friday, September 18, 2009

Shift from the Legion to the Regnum!

Just wanted to share with my avid readers that the Regnum Christi webpage is much more attractive, active and triumphalistic than the official Legion of Christ page.

Message: Please do not focus on the Legion of Christ religious order which is behind the Regnum Christi until the furor over Maciel's sex, lies and videotapes dies down, and the Vatican Investigation is over...Look at the Lovely Consecrated Souls -and shining morning faces- of the Regnum!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Legionaryfacts.org Taken Down by Legion

This blog is about exes and exiting and disappearing, the "walk-aways" and "throw-aways" inherent in High Demand Groups and New Religious Movements

It seems like the site formerly known as "Legionaryfacts.org" [created to combat www.regainnetwork.org web page and the now suppressed www.exlegionaries.com] no longer exists. Legion and Fr. Kearns have not mentioned it for a couple of years. A Google can give you:

Sorry, the page you were looking for could not be found

A click might lead you back to the official Legion of Christ webpage:


Fr. Kearns defends Fr. Maciel and Legion

It is hard to find information on the prominent Legionary, Fr. Owen Kearns; Here is old material from a Google search today