Monday, May 20, 2013

Fr. Santiago Perez Santana Leaves Legion for Monterrey [Mexico] Diocese

[from Facebook]

Yesterday, after 23 years, and after much reflection and struggle I left the Legion of Christ.
I thank God for the good people I knew inside and for the good that has been done during this time.
I am not in agreement with many things, and I don't know how I have been able to bear with various situations these last few years.
The Archbishop of Monteery, Mons. Rogelio Cabrera, had been kind enough to accept me into his diocese and I thank him from the bottom of my soul. 
I still don't know what I will do but last night I got back to Monterrey, four and a half years after I left. 
I want to thank the kindness and affection of my dear people in Leon [Gto, Mexico].  It was impossible to say Good Bye to all but I hope to see you soon. 
Thanks also because if there is something I have learned during these years is that the only thing that matters and what lasts is precisely that: people and to love people. "To smell of the flock" as the Pope said the other day. 
A hug for all and a prayer for you all during the Mass I begin in a while.
Please pray for me.

Ayer, tras 23 años y después de mucho tiempo de reflexión y lucha, dejé la Legión de Cristo.

Agradezco a Dios la gente buena que he conocido dentro y el bien que se ha hecho a través de todo este tiempo. No estoy de acuerdo con muchas cosas, ni cómo se han llevado las diversas situaciones en estos últimos años.
El Arzobispo de Monterrey, Mons. Rogelio Cabrera, ha tenido a bien acogerme en su Diócesis y se lo agradezco en el alma. Todavía no sé qué voy a hacer pero anoche ya llegué a Monterrey, después de 4 años y medio de mi partida.
Quiero agradecer el cariño y la cercanía de mi querida gente de León. Imposible despedirme de todos pero nos veremos pronto. Gracias porque si algo he aprendido estos años, es que lo único que importa y lo que queda es eso. La gente y querer a la gente. “Oler a rebaño”, como decía el Papa el otro día. Un abrazo para todos y un recuerdo en la Misa que celebro en un rato. Pido oraciones por favor.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fr. Thomas Willams Leaves Legion Priesthood to Do the Right Thing

When Fr. Williams acknowledged his paternity about a year ago it was announced that he was heading home to take care of a cancer.
Today it is announced that he has asked for his Dispensation from Celibacy and Priestly duties to take care of his child.
The blogger notes that he does not need a Dispensation from Celibacy to take care of his son; he could take a break from priestly ministry or simply become a lay person: the Church's terminology is horrible: to be reduced to the lay state/condition, "reduction in statum laicalem"
The blogger notes that according to Catholic Canon Law leaving the ministry and getting a Dispensation from the Vow of Celibacy are two separate steps -though they are often related.

 [In Our Father Maciel who art in Bed, the author tell the story of how Cardinal Hickey of Washington DC helped him through that process. Hopefully the Legion will help Fr. Thomas through it now, going though the appropriate Vatican channels and having to admit that their flawless training system does not always work -that the Legion is human and fallible like all other religious orders, and not necessarily superior to them. Something that they have tried to cover up for decades by under-reporting defections.]

The blogger further notes that Pope Francis has been very clear that when a priest gets involved with a woman he must think seriously of what he is doing and that in some case it is better for him to get a Dispensation from Celibacy and to get Married, to take care of mother -hopefully the woman he loves- and their child. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Former Legionary Bishop Kevin J. Farrell of Dallas Marches Pro Immigrants

my friend, former confrere, now bishop of Dallas, Monsignor Kevin J. Farrell from Dublin exercised his Prophetic Ministry recently

Link contains text and VIDEO