Thursday, February 23, 2012

Malen Oriol's Letter of Resignation [Follow up]


From: Oriol Malén
Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2012
To: DG 3GF
CC: Corcuera Álvaro LC; Garza Medina Luís LC

Subject: Notes and prayers

Your kingdom come!

Dearest consecrated women,

I would like to draw close to each one of you and comment with sincerity on what has happened in my regard.

Only God knows, and to Him I give account before you, the tireless desire that has always driven me to help each one of you and the women's level three [3GF], seeking to walk along the path of love, of understanding, and of truth, especially in these last few years, so mysterious and unexpected.

(Anonymous Regnum Christi woman)

The events of recent weeks, as almost all of you already know, have brought among us various information, rumors, and, I would dare say, judgments and suspicions that have not always been a matter of speculation. It is because of this that I would like to present what I consider the facts, for the sole purpose of clarification, without any desire for self-preservation, justification, or partiality.

In these recent years, there has been an increase in the number of consecrated women who have left the 3GF: some of them because of proper vocational discernment; others, after learning about our history and about the life of the founder. To all this have been added other consecrated women who have demonstrated a shallowness in their consecration in the face of the internal renewal process of Regnum Christi [RC].

Some consecrated women, wanting to continue their consecration, have demonstrated to the Holy Father their desire to unite under the authority of a bishop with the decision to live their consecration in responding to the call of God in their hearts. It was their desire to ask for the advice of the Holy Father before proceeding, in such a way as to follow the right path, knowing also that the process that RC is following is also subject to his pontifical delegate. The Holy Father has sent to them, through the ecclesial authority, his support and blessing for this initiative.

This reality does not exclude, and does not even clash with, those who continue on the current path of renewal of the 3GF of RC, and live it in peace, with trust and freedom. The various convictions have been, are, and I believe must be respected, welcomed, and worthy of faith. To disqualify or condemn some of these is to assume an authority that only God and the personal conscience possess.

Why be afraid? Could this be an opportunity for each one of us, and for all of us, to have the possibility to follow the path that the Lord reveals in our hearts? Can we unite our efforts to conform ourselves, all of us, to this Church that is so beloved and about which we have often spoken, and in which all have their place and to which they can bring their best? Must it be a dream that there be respect, prayer, support, and Christian love on the part of all and for all?

I am reminded of the words of Saint Paul to the Corinthians, 3:4-5: "When someone says, 'I belong to Paul,' and another, 'I belong to Apollos,' do you not show yourselves to be merely men? What is Apollos? What is Paul? Ministers through whom you have come to the faith, each as the Lord has granted to him."

What a great distinction, that from our [lives] can come more life to be added to the ranks of so many who seek to love God in the Church, to the service of human beings, as consecrated women!

For my part, you know the personal letter of October 29, 2011 in which I manifested to all of you the fact that I had presented my resignation as assistant to the director general. Publicly, last January 24 in Rome I reconfirmed it, asking for it directly from Cardinal De Paolis and his council. I am waiting for their response. As for the rest, I need time, prayer, and detachment in order to discover the will of God for me. In some moments it has been said that the reason for this personal request was the result of exhaustion, of having been  overwhelmed by what I had lived through or something else; I immediately hasten to clarify that I have great peace about the factors that induce me to make these decisions, they go beyond myself and God alone has placed them in my heart.

I know that God carries salvation history as well as our lives, that of all and of each one of us, and it is this same Lord who has begun this work and will carry it to a good conclusion.

Let us remain united in consecration and in the Church, sure that with God the best is yet to come.

Sincere courage for all, and let us continue to help each other for the definitive encounter in heaven. I sincerely thank each one of you for your great charity, example of dedication, testimony of generosity and love, humility, and sacrifice . . . God, who knows everything, will reward you.

I ask forgiveness for the suffering and harm that, without intending it, I may have caused or may be causing on account of all my errors, limitations, and bad examples, for not having been able to help and understand all of you. I am sure that the merciful God will heal everything and shed his light on each one of you, so that you may continue on your journey following Christ and holiness. 

You can always count on me, especially in prayer, and I remember before Mary Most Holy, the best of mothers, the one who keeps all of us in her womb, and is the Mother of hope. Pray for me, I need it so much, and you, better than anyone, have had the confirmation of this. An embrace for each one, with all the affection of one who is your sister and servant in Christ,

Malén Oriol M.

Blogger's note:

Did I miss the factors? Malen may still be very much a Legionary, a Regnum Christi member, and write in an oblique and ambiguous style; had it anything to do with Fr Maciel parading his wife and daughter before RC members in his native Cotija as in picture below?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Miss Elena de Borbon, High Profile Consecrated Leaves

According to the Spanish language exlc a woman from very high Spanish Society, royal blood, Elena Borbon has handed in her resignation to the Apostolic Delegate.

"I am sending an email because so many of you are asking me questions...
I would have like to do it personally
I will try to visit the teams [So she must be a director of a number of teams, local, regional?]

[Spanish text]
En esta Sangría que se está convirtiendo la historia de la Legión y del RC, otra persona de gran influencia presenta su renuncia al Delegado Pontificio. Mis Elena de Borbón.

Estimadas en Cristo, 
En estos momentos me gustaría acercarme a ustedes con estas líneas, me hubiera gustado hacerlo de manera personal pero como las cosas se han ido adelantando y muchas me han llamado prefiero hacerlo por este medio.  Aunque buscaré ir a los equipos.  Hoy habiéndolo hablado con el Padre Emilio envié mi carta de petición de exoneración del puesto al Cardenal, proponiéndole también quedarme el tiempo suficiente y necesario para encauzar todo y poder estar a disposición.  En cuanto a mis decisiones personales preferiría decirles cuando esté con ustedes.

Encomiendo a cada una a María Santísima para que las ampare bajo su manto.  En Cristo, Elena

Malen Oriol and a Group Leave Regnum Christi [Editorial ReGAIN]

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Regnum Christi director, Malen Oriol, submits resignation

Don't know which on is Malen [Legionaries are not supposed to know them...]

According to the Spanish blog by reputable reporter, De Velasco, the Director of the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi, Malen Oriol, submitted her letter of resignation to Cardinal De Paolis on Jan 24th last; she is still awaiting a reply.
See Blog post in Spanish