Wednesday, December 30, 2009

[2] Song of Departing Regnum Christi Consecrated Female RC [3GF]

 image of random RC consecrated from the Internet; not the person in question

DOLORES Fuertes del REINO writes:

15 years ago I left the Regnum Christi consecrated ladies but I am still angry about the way I was treated.
After leaving I was left without any assistance of any kind, although I needed counseling because the whole RC experience was quite traumatic.
Naturally, I also had some very special moments and I am still grateful for all the spiritual help I received.
At the moment I feel ok and have a steady job. I still have days when I feel depressed thinking of the deceit I suffered in the RC. I have other companions who left about the same time but they are still friendly with the Legionaries and they won’t let me criticize the Legion or the Regnum .
I found this page by chance and I feel a great sense of relief being able to talk openly about my experience.
Thanks for you support.

I am a Chilean and I live in the Atlanta area

Thursday, December 3, 2009

[1] Song of Departing Regnum Christi Member ["3GF, "3rd Degree Female"]

[Photo of anonymous member from the Internet; not meant to identify a particular member, all of whom deserve our greatest respect, compassion and support. "3GF" refers to the Spanish, 3er Grado Femenino, 3rd Level Female, badly translated as "3rd Degree Female', indicating those members with promises of Poverty, Chastity, Obedience made to the RC/LC leadership]

They join in droves and leave one by one

I recently [2003]discovered your web page [referring to the now extinct exlegionaries Discussion Board] via Rick Ross, and I must tell you that

after ten years of having left the RC 3GF section I feel finally that I have
found a forum where I may heal my wounds! I was in the consecrated life of
the RC 3GF for five years, very long years.

I have had a very hard time with my feelings of failure etc... And in the
past two or three years I believe I have finally found some peace of mind.
Although I feel my life has been severely truncated.

I do not have much money but would like to send you what I can to help you
maintain this web page. To whom should I make out the check?
Thank you,