Monday, December 1, 2014

(CORRECTION)The Real Stories of Two Legion Founders Passing Away: Javier Orozco Camarena and Gregorio Lopez

A former Legionary and friend  told the blogger of the passing of two of the Legion of Christ "co-founders"

As usual  their passing  may be greeted with glowing testimonials on the LC official pages which will almost elevate these two co- founders to the altars. Fr. Orozco loved German Shephard dogs so it is appropriate that he should be pictured with one.

Apparently a book has been written about the Legionary, Fr. Gregory:

Book Title: Father Gregorio, A Legionary's  Life of Surrender (a key word in LC/RC vocabulary;  "A Life Offered Up" "A Life in Oblation")   The blogger does not doubt that anyone associated with Malignant Narcissist Maciel would have suffered a lot.

Here is some of the nitty-gritty reality.

Fr Gregorio, Spaniard,  the older; he seems to have been almost the same age as the young Maciel who recruited him  in Comillas in the 1940s, a Jesuit-run seminary in the province of Santander, Northern Spain.


Por mi experiencia te puedo decir, digan lo que digan, que era una hombre de pro, gran compañero y que nunca se plegó a las amenazas o chantajes del P. Maciel.
Varias veces, enfrente de nosotros, cuando estábamos de prefectos en el Instituto Cumbres, se le enfrentó con valentía pasó nada a pesar de las amenazas que dirigió Maciel. Para mí fue un buen sacerdote y excelente compañero.

(From my experience I can say, no matter what other may opine, that he was a decent man, a great companion and one who never gave in to Maciel's threats or blackmail. Several times, when we were Prefects of Discipline at the the Instituto Cumbres,  he bravely confronted Maciel...and nothing ever happened to him despite Maciel's threats. For me, he was a good priest and an excellent companion.)

 He was the principal of Legion schools for most of his career and was well known and well liked by the students from the upper classes that he supervised.
He was also well liked by the parents. He delivered spiritual talks to the rich ladies from Lomas de Chapultepec where the Legion's seminal Instituto Cumbres was located; together with Fr. Alfonso Samaniego and Faustino Pardo, R.I.P,  he laid the foundation for what would eventually become the Women's Section of the Regnum Christi Movement.

 Gregorio was often put down in front of the Legion community by Maciel for his lack of etiquette and good manners -a quality that pseudo-aristocrat Maciel highly prized. As he got older good Fr. Gregorio was reduced to celebrating marriages and funerals for the rich and famous. He was relegated to a community of senior priests on Ahumada Villagran in Polanco, Mexico DF where he would not be in the forefront of the conquering Legion forces and PR efforts.

Javier Orozco, a Mexican, was from a later generation, being ordained in the 60s. Apparently he was one of Maciel's favorites, at least for a while, and was given many posts as superior and "formator" during his Legion career. It would appear that for unknown reasons at one point Maciel shafted him to Quintana Roo Missions. For several years he was  pastor ,"the Patriarch of Cozumel." He built a beautiful church there with local materials from Mass offerings and possibly with donations from some of his personal benefactors. (In the early years, Legionaries were encouraged by Maciel to have personal benefactors, rather benefactresses, to provide financial support for their studies. Some of these ladies were very rich and contributed large amounts to the expanding and ever ambitious and obsessive controller, Nuestro Padre Maciel). It could be that Javier kept some of these benefactresses to help him with his apostolic endeavors -something that Maciel would never have allowed as he wanted to have all the financial reins in his hands. Would this be one of the reasons Javier was shafted?

Read on about the intrigues of the Legion of Christ, their con-man founder and his merry band of thieves..

As regards these two Maciel victims,  MAY THEY REST IN PEACE; QUE DESCANSEN EN PAZ