Friday, April 23, 2010

The Silent Exodus

Perusing Comments to Fr. Owen Kearns "Setting the Record Straight" on the National Catholic Register web one can catch glimpses of people disenchanted with the Regnum Christi and who now repent for being so gullible and so easily taken in by the Legion/Regnum, for not having followed their questioning minds and allowed themselves to doubt.
DOUBT, a no-no for the Man and Woman of the Kingdom, roundly combatted by the Founder from the very beginning, is a healthy sign of life, of the life of the brain, of the questioning and discerning mind.
May we learn to be more Jesus-like in this sense.
Jesus did not lie down and suck up to anyone.
Neither should we

Very few say: My name is X and I am proud to announce that I left the Regnum Christi.
Why the fear, the reticence, the ????