Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When Fr. Maciel's "Christ is my Life" was a bestseller

When Fr. Maciel's autobiography "Christ is my Life" was a bestseller

The title was clearly inspired by the Pauline phrase "For me to live is Christ", which Fr. Maciel had meditated on long and hard -sometimes when he was long and hard- and he liked the ring of that phrase. According to his autobiograpy, or interviews given to Regnum Christi member independent reporters, or the collection of lapidary phrases from Fr. Maciel's 1.5 million dollar letters, Cartas de Nuestro Padre, made to appear like answers in an interview, Fr. Maciel had assimilated the Pauline expression into his daily life, into his bloodstream, into the marrow of his bones...

Heil Maciel!


  1. An inside source of the Legion has told me that many of " his " letters were not even written by him. His other book, the intregral formation of Catholic priest was just a white wash of texts from Church with his name on it. I suppose its all clear now, The Legion (sadly) never had any spirtual, real spiritual foundation. I hope the Church can salvage what they can.

  2. Well said, Robert,
    Maciel and other Legionaries a very mediocre writers. Maciel did not even know how to spell in Spanish
    Maciel was a great collector of others' ideas and then he had his "secretaries" and ghost writers to cook it all for him.
    Then the Legion published its own stuff or paid someone to publish it for them.
    What Maciel was a genius at was getting people to do what he wanted...