Thursday, October 8, 2009

Successfully transitioning Fr. Stephen Fichter Publishes with America

With great pleasure I have learned that former Legionary of Christ priest, Stephen Fichter, has published an excellent article with America magazine, When Priests leave the Church. Kudos, Stephen.

Fr. Stephen is one of those Legionaries who have made an successful treansition to the diocesan priesthood, thus setting an example, giving hope and modelling for the many others who are leaving and will leave. Some will want to continue in the priesthood and/or religious life. It can be done. Do not believe the horror stories you are told while still in. There are many bishops who need good priests, and many Catholics who need good pastors. Being bilingual/bicultural makes you more marketable...

Exiting members need time to adjust to life outside the cult but transition to the priesthood, to the religious life, to marriage and to single life can be achieved.  We are all good folks, from good families, who idealistically entered a very dysfunctional family. There is plenty of life, healthy life, outside the Legion and the Regnum.

I hope that is what the present Vatican Investigation will emphatically state.


  1. What did his great uncle the famous Jesuit sociologist think about him joining a cult?

  2. What a pointless and offensive question, brian, which only serves to fan the flames of division and distrust. Clearly Father Thomas Maher joined in good faith, and has now discerned his departure from the LC. There is little to be gained by focussing on the past decision to join the Legion; I choose to pray for his bright future in his new life. Perhaps you might do the same.