Wednesday, December 30, 2009

[2] Song of Departing Regnum Christi Consecrated Female RC [3GF]

 image of random RC consecrated from the Internet; not the person in question

DOLORES Fuertes del REINO writes:

15 years ago I left the Regnum Christi consecrated ladies but I am still angry about the way I was treated.
After leaving I was left without any assistance of any kind, although I needed counseling because the whole RC experience was quite traumatic.
Naturally, I also had some very special moments and I am still grateful for all the spiritual help I received.
At the moment I feel ok and have a steady job. I still have days when I feel depressed thinking of the deceit I suffered in the RC. I have other companions who left about the same time but they are still friendly with the Legionaries and they won’t let me criticize the Legion or the Regnum .
I found this page by chance and I feel a great sense of relief being able to talk openly about my experience.
Thanks for you support.

I am a Chilean and I live in the Atlanta area

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