Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Leaving the Legion of Christ -New Blog of active priest

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Part III begins:
Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why I'm Leaving the Legion of Christ (Part 3)

I love to write, and normally follow a careful process to make it work: rough draft, revision, sentence structure and flow. I didn’t do that here. I just sat down and let it flow, letting Bill Gates take care of the spelling errors. Sorry if it’s sticky reading. Fr Jack.

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I have mentioned the frustration that I experience in the legion and how it has been an obstacle to my fulfillment. Everyone needs to feel fulfilled.

Every once in a while, I hit the “Next Blog>>” button on the top of my blog, and most times it brings me to family blogs, photos of babies, husbands and wives. You don’t find blogs extolling the joys of a dysfunctional family, how great it is to be separated or divorced, and what a joy that my child doesn’t have a father. No one willingly wants that – that brings unhappiness.

No one feels happy in something that’s not right. But when the family is working well, where there is true love, you can see how fulfilled they are. Family makes us love. If we don’t love we are miserable. And to love properly you have to be able to express love, affection, kindness, mercy and being forgiven. The dynamic of the family is the dynamic of the Church.

My family for the past 24 years (not my natural family, of course) has been dysfunctional. And that brings frustration. I haven’t been able to express in a healthy way all God has given me and all that he has been asking me to be. There has been a constant wanting to live behind a mask, to be false, to put on a way of being that is not me. I ...

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  1. Irony of the Parkinson miracle for the Cause.
    I find it very interesting that Pope JPII's Cause is being aided by an alleged cure of Parkinson's due to his intercession. Meanwhile same Pope's promotion of Maciel along with his still prominent Superior Luis Garza LC financial interests, have served to promote the Monsanto GNO pesticide impregnated seeds and their Roundup pesticide well through the Garza/ Maciel Integer Group.One wonders how much financial interest for GMO seeds are held by others in the Vatican? Ironic now that science connects Parkinson Disease with pesticides!