Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dear Legionary, How Long are you going to Wait?

Some left a couple of years ago when Maciel died and he lost his grip on the tripulation, his hold on the members loosened, and his cronies tried to batten down the hatches
Some left when Maciel's sordid life was revealed
Some left when they thought the Investigation would take too long or would not be rigorous enough

Some have been placated by Mons De Paolis message to the members in Rome, and have put their leaving on hold

He tells them to hold on to their charism and their vocation.

What charism? The charism bequeated by a totally selfish and self-serving person, full of deceit? A charism to assure the rich that they could get to heaven by helping the Legion?

What vocation? A vocation that was never once properly discerned. It was only reinforced with pseudo-Ignation spiritual exercises and by Spiritual Direction similar to brainwashing

How long will it take to reform the Legion?

Is the Legion worth reforming?

Can a total Narcissist, Marcial Maciel, really found a religious order based on altruistic love?


  1. Dear Irishmexican,

    I think MM fit the profile of the 'dark triad' much better. Have a look on google. It is a term used by psychologists to describe a personality with 3 major components: narcissism, machiavellianism and psychopathy.

  2. Why is Church sending De Paolis in to convince them otherwise? Why are they being swept towards a General Chapter with no space for their own reconsideration of their future? De Paolis seems set on making sure no one leaves or even reconsiders their original choice. Why? Granted the Holy See is not their conscience, but consciences are helped along by what they confirm or unconfirm.