Monday, October 25, 2010

Is Fr Michael Goodyear still Legionary?

Fr. Michael Goodyear, LC

It is a question which, perhaps, facts can answer

Here is an old posting of Fr Michael G when he was a Legionary in 2007

It is hard to track Fr Goodyear down but he is still signing LC as author of the 10/23/10 homily on Catholic Net
From ZoomInfo:
Father Michael Goodyear

Background for Michael Goodyear

Employment History

Newman Center

Notre Dame Preparatory

Arizona State University
Fr. Michael Goodyear, LC., is the founding and present director/chaplain of the JP II Catholic Newman Center in the Diocese of Phoenix Arizona.
See the web page

An Interesting Follow Up Question:
Does Fr. Micahel live in a Legionary Community?
If not, how does he continue to consider himself a Legionary?
If he does, the blogger must eat the previous question
Now, if he continues to be featured on Regnum Christi web page that would seem to confirm that he is an active practicing Legionary of Christ

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