Friday, September 2, 2011

Another Consecrated Lady Leaves Regnum Christi

[Photos are just random from the Internet and do not mean to allude to any particular member of Regnum Christi]

Bless my soul!
i got a tip about another long serving [25 year] consecrated lady leaving the Regnum Christi, the Legion's lay branch.

The degree of CO DEPENDENCY and MISINFORMATION of these ladies is manifest in that they feel they have to write a letter to Corcuera asking for a dispensation or something

JUST LEAVE! TALK TO A BISHOP WITH COMMON SENSE [if you can find one in Mexico!]

Anyway, I have to respect these timid sisters of mine wherever they may be on their recovery journey. I applaud and admire the courage they demonstrate after years of brainwashing, guilt trips, and control. The men have the same problem and I have often witnessed their first stuttering attempts to cry freedom. I was there too...

This is a major article on Trastevere Blog where many Spanish-speaking exiting members are featured and get a hearing -otherwise they fall into that big black pit of Legion oblivion

Dear Father Alvaro in Christ

You know that for months I have been trying to speak with you but it seems you have been able to find room for me in your schedule; that is why I am writing to you.

I would like, Fr. Alvaro, to let you know after many hours of prayer and consultations with people who have dedicated and continue to dedicate their lives unselfishly with Christ for Our Dearly Beloved Church, that I believe it is the Holy Will of God that I continue to live my consecrated life but outside the Regnum Christi Movement. I want to die consecrated to the love of Christ and I still see my life as one with Christ for the Salvation of Souls in the Catholic Church, but not inside the Regnum Christi... Therefore I am requesting my dispensation from the Promises of Consecration in the institution of consecrated life Regnum Christi...
The lady goes on to give the reasons why she wants to leave and points to a fundamental disrespect for the members and totally flawed style of obedience and governance.

Original in Spanish

“Estimado en Cristo, P. Álvaro:
 “….Usted sabe  que desde hace varios meses he pedido hablar con Usted pero parece que no le ha sido posible fijar una fecha para vernos, por eso, le mando ésta por escrito”. 
“Quisiera P. Álvaro, comunicarle que después de muchas horas de oración y de consultar con personas que han gastado y siguen gastando su vida desinteresadamente en unión de amor con Cristo por nuestra amada Iglesia, me parece la voluntad de Dios para mí continuar viviendo mi vida consagrada fuera del Movimiento Regnum Christi. Quiero morir consagrada al amor de Cristo y sí sigo viendo que mi vida sólo tiene sentido siendo una con Cristo por la salvación de las almas en la Iglesia Católica, aunque no dentro delRegnum Christi.  …. Por tanto, me permito solicitarle la dispensa de mis promesas de consagración en la Institución de la vida consagrada en el Regnum Christi….”. 

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