Monday, September 10, 2012

Fr. Raymond Cumiskey, LC. How does the Legion of Christ take care of its ailing members?

Fr. "Ray", as I call him. Is not going anywhere. My dear friend, fellow Dubliner who joined the Legion of Christ just after me -and maybe because of me- has been ill for some time. He has always been a Legionary and never wavered in his vocation, even when one of his best friends - but oh, best friendships dissolve in the Legion!- left the order in 1985.
We have had some limited contact. Raymond continues to preach the Work of God the best way he can. He is a devout priest.
I learn he is no longer on active duty because of his various illnesses, including diabetes.

I don't know how the Legion of Christ his order is taking care of him.
It seems he is living at a private residence in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

Fr. Patrick Corrigan, LC, recently described fundraising in the local parishes for Fr. Raymond.
Is he not being cared for by the Legion's central funds of millions of dollars?
Lord, I feel sick to the stomach when I hear of this.
Lord, look after your servant, Raymond, who has served you selflessly for decades on the Quintana Roo Missions!

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