Friday, September 27, 2013

Legion of Christ Shunning, Shame and Emotion and Effective Cut-Off prevent Tracking former Members

Eamonn Brosnan,

it has been very difficult to get info regarding former LC, Eamonn Brosnan, who exited the Legion decades ago. Besides the fact the Eamonn probably wants to put that sad chapter behind him.

Forgive us, Eamonn.

But a school friend of yours is seeking info on you
We, your former confreres want to know you are alright

and the blogger's memory is deteriorating day by day.

It is believed that Eamonn Brosnan from the province of Munster (Co Kerry?) in Ireland joined the LC in 1963 as the usual bright eyed and bushy tailed candidate. At that time the LC would have been at Belgard Castle or Malahide House in Co.Dublin

Quote from another former LC: He probably joined in 1963. Great man with a chain saw and knew how to handle cows... he was responsible for all that stuff in Belgard Castle. Good guy, straight shooter. From farming stock, probably Kerry...  

He was a tall "country boy" who was always kind and helpful to others and "rose through the ranks" of LC training very quickly to reach priestly ordination

Little did we, the first Irish know, that we would be the Legion's gateway to the USA. Maciel would use Irish born Legionaries to found the Legion in the USA...with Frs. Brian Farrell, David Owen, etc.

I believe Eamonn was ordained rather quickly without going through the "Apostolic Practices" stage of training.

From what I remember he left the LC fairly soon after or during his first ministerial assignment.

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