Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Perplexed and sad...the Legion continues to lie and manipulate" Testimony of Leaving Legionary in English, Spanish and French

 Pbro José Ignacio Martín Sánchez

 I need to share with all my friends this news: at the beginning of this month I requested from the General Director of the Legionaries of Christ my definitive exit from the Congregation, after a year and a half of discernment of my future in the religious life. God willing, once the paperwork is done, I will become part of the diocesan clergy, incardinated into the diocese of Getafe, Madrid, Spain.

I am taking this irrevocable decision with deep peace and serenity; fully conscious that I want to begin a new voyage to imitate Christ as a priest.

But I cannot hide my perplexity and my sadness which at times fill my soul as I experience, even after the General Chapter of the Legionaries of Christ, their so called renewal continues to be based on falsehood, manipulation of the consciences and freedom of many people of good will inside and outside the Congregation and the Regnum Christi.

I humble beg you to pray for my final perseverance in the faith and in the priesthood. But, above all, that you pray to the Blessed Virgin to protect the Holy Catholic Church from all those who attack her with their crimes, their frivolous  coverups, harming the faith and the hope of the souls of the faithful.

With Fond Affection,
Jose Ignacio Martin Sanchez
June 15th, 2014, Solemn Feast of the Holy Trinity.

 (Original Spanish)

Necesito compartir con todos mis amigos una noticia: a inicios de este mes he solicitado al director general de los Legionarios de Cristo mi salida definitiva de la Congregación, después de año y medio de discernimiento sobre mi futuro en la vida religiosa. Dios mediante, una vez finalizados los trámites, formaré parte del clero diocesano, incardinado en la Diócesis de Getafe, Madrid, España.
Tomo esta decisión irrevocable con profunda paz y serenidad; plenamente consciente de que deseo emprender esta nueva singladura para imitar a Cristo como sacerdote.
Pero no os oculto mi perplejidad y la tristeza que embargan por momentos mi alma al comprobar que, incluso después del Capítulo General de los legionarios de Cristo, su presunta renovación sigue sustentada en la mentira, la manipulación de las conciencias y de la libertad de muchas personas de buena voluntad tanto fuera como dentro de la Congregación y su Movimiento Regnum Christi.
Os pido humildemente una oración por mi perseverancia final en la fe y en el sacerdocio. Pero, sobre todo, que oréis mucho para que la Virgen proteja a la Santa Iglesia Católica de todos quienes atentan contra ella con sus crímenes, sus frívolos ocultamientos y encubrimientos, dañando la fe y la esperanza de las almas de sus fieles.
Con afecto y cariño, José Ignacio Martín Sánchez
15 de junio de 2014, Solemnidad de la Santísima Trinidad.

(French Translation)
Je ressens le besoin de partager avec tous mes amis cette nouvelle: au début du mois, j’ai demandé au Directeur Général des Légionnaires du Christ de quitter de façon définitive la congrégation, après avoir discerné depuis un an et demi sur mon avenir dans la vie religieuse. Ainsi, si Dieu le veut, lorsque j’aurai achevé toutes les formalités, je rejoindrai le clergé diocésain et je serai incarné dans le diocèse de Getafe, à Madrid (Espagne).

Je prends cette décision irrévocable dans la paix et la sérénité; je suis pleinement conscient que je désire me lancer dans cette nouvelle aventure pour suivre, comme prêtre, l’exemple du Christ.

Mais je ne vous cache pas ma perplexité et ma tristesse lorsque je découvre, après le chapitre général des Légionnaires du Christ, censé avoir été une « rénovation », que celle-ci continue à vivre dans le mensonge, la manipulation des consciences et la manipulation de tant de personnes de bonne volonté, tant à l’intérieur de la congrégation qu’à l’extérieur, ainsi que dans son mouvement, Regnum Christi.

Je vous demande humblement une prière pour m’aider à rester fidèle dans la foi et dans le sacerdoce. Mais, surtout, je vous demande de prier pour que la Sainte Vierge protège la Sainte Eglise Catholique de tous ceux qui la menacent avec leurs crimes, qui dissimulent et qui étouffent leur frivolité, endommageant ainsi la foi et l’espérance de leurs fidèles.

Avec toute mon affection,
Père José Ignacio Martin Sanchez
15 juin 2014
En la solennité de la Très Sainte Trinité


  1. Many, many souls have suffered such abuse (and I believe continue to do so)….Groups that use secrets and lies to advance themselves at the expense of their own members … the lies perpetuate themselves.. the organization is diseased… I am praying for you father and suggest you read this little booklet.. it is available in Spanish.. Parents Guide to Opus Dei by J. J. M. Garvey

    reviewed by Joseph I. B. Gonzales, former numerary
    Originally published in a series of reviews of Opus Dei-related books on amazon.com,
    January 27, 2002

    opus dei is a cult
    There are basically three groups critical of Opus Dei. The first is various non-Catholic sectors that oppose the hidden agenda of Opus Dei, which is to place members in influential positions and thereby impose policies society-wide deriving from Roman Catholic belief. The second group is "progressive" sectors of the institutional Church that wish to bring about changes in areas such as governance, liturgy, theology, or spirituality, according to new conceptions, so that from this standpoint Opus Dei is obstructionist and reactionary. The third group is former members (usually numeraries) and families of former or existing members that believe they have been personally harmed by the objectionable practices of Opus Dei, especially the use of deception, manipulation, and mind control as well as the exploitation of Church goodwill in the propagation and expansion of the organization. In adherence to Bl. Josemaria Escriva, Opus Dei delusively assumes itself to be an unmitigated good.

    This little publication is written by persons belonging to the third group, who, I believe, harbor the most legitimate grievance against Opus Dei. It is this group that has been the most directly harmed by what is demonstrably unethical in Opus Dei.

    The booklet scrutinizes Opus Dei using the criteria in the Vatican Pastoral Letter published in Osservatore Romano (May 19, 1986), "Characteristics of Destructive New Religious Movements," i.e., cults.

    The booklet describes the cult-like traits of Opus Dei very well. It quotes directly from the pastoral letter that destructive groups are "generally authoritarian in structure" and that "they exercise forms of brainwashing and mind control, cultivate group pressure, and instill feelings of guilt and fear." In the process of recruitment and indoctrination, they employ a combination of "affection and deception," which is characteristic of cults. The booklet is unusual in that it makes four specific requests of the Church to curtail systemic deception in Opus Dei.

    While the booklet highlights the most obvious abuses, its analysis is cursory.

    Another good source on the cult-like character of Opus Dei is Judith Church Tydings, "Shipwrecked in the Spirit: Implications of Some Controversial Catholic Movements," Cultic Studies Journal, Vol. 16, No. 2, 1999, pp. 82-175. [This document is available from the American Family Foundation website.]

    Parents' Guide was published in 1989. Has Opus Dei changed? Judging from the continuing consignment of former members to psychiatric clinics around the world--yes--it would appear that the harmful cult-like traits of this organization do persist.

    P.S. Some of the best examples of lying and thought control in Opus Dei are cited in this booklet.

  2. Dear Johanna, It seems that you have confused Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Roman Catholic Church founded by St. Josemaria Escriva, with Regnum Christi a movement, currently under investigation for a founder of poor priestly behavior,to put it mildly, and a questionable charism of all sectors of that organization. Many people who are great examples of love of neighbor over self come from both the prelature of Opus Dei and Regnum Christi. The publications you mention on Amazon were rejected after publication, Opus Dei is a home to ~85,000 faithful world wide. If members wish to leave the door is wide open. Please check www.opusdei.org for help in better understanding. One or two peoples bad experience, even if self published, does not negate a holy and loving home to many faithful of the prelature. We offer our prayers to those suffering from wrongs and confusion within Regnum Christi.

  3. Disculpen, por favor, alguien podría facilitarme el e-mail de contacto del P. José Ignacio Martin? He perdido su contacto por facebook.. Hace años nos conocemos y no sé cómo localizarlo.

    Muchas gracias!

    Con Dios.