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Though shalt not Communicate with Totus Tuus -Outsiders!

that is the gist of part of a letter from the new director of the Regnum Christi' consecrated women, according to outsider recently insider Nieves Garcia. Here is the translation of her latest blog posting:

"I just read a letter that Fr. Montan sent to the consecrated member of the Regnum Christi. The seventh point caught my attention, where he states that the Regnum Christi has a charism, an identity and a spirituality all its own and therefore he "invites" members not to have contact with [the splinter group approved by a Chilean archbishop and the pope] Totus Tuus" [composed of former RC members disenchanted with it and with the Vatican's version of reform.]

The quote is as follows:

"The Regnum Christi 3rd degree has its own identity, charism, spirituality and mission defined in its Statutes. Without laying aside the bonds of prayer and friendship, the consecrated members of RC, in this precise historical moment, will avoid meeting with or accepting invitations to meetings which would demonstrate more ambiguity than identity."

Several questions come to mind which I would like someone to answer:
1.What is the Regnum Christi's identity and charism? Nobody has been able to explain that to me. In principle, we are in the "enlightment" stage trying to discover them, and therefore to affirm the existence of a charism is to deny the process of discovery. 
2. And if such a charism and identity existed what is the problem with visiting with a member of another association, also belonging to the Church? It's as if a member of the Focolarini were prohibited from visiting a Capuchin friar. 
3. How can we live charity -Christ's mandate above all other human mandates- if you are forbidden from visiting with another human person?

In a word, if obedience is imposed without reason, we are still demanding a submission of the will which God never wanted. 
What is beautiful about the Church is that we are all one big family where many kinds of seeds can grow. Unity was and is Benedict XVI's great concern. Hopefully our horizon will be much wider than the limits of our own security.

Nieves Garcia

life after rc gives us the background regarding this Fr. Montan:

New directors for Third Degree

The Delegate's letter has been published in English concerning the two new directors: Agostino Montan, SC will be in charge of the 3 Degree Female (he already oversees the Ordo Virginum in Rome), and Fr Ghirlanda, SJ for the 3 Degree Men [consecrated]
At first glance, this seems like the best news yet since the Visitation. The local "consecrated" men and women will still report to their local LC's, but any Legionaries overseeing them will ultimately have to answer to the two directors, who have previously shown themselves to be solid men who understand authentic Religious life.


Acabo de leer una carta del P. Montan dirigida a los miembros consagrados del RC. Me llamó la atención el punto séptimo, donde afirma que el RC tiene carisma, identidad y espiritualidad y por ello invita a que los miembros del RC no tengan contacto con Totus Tuus.
El texto es el siguiente:

"El tercer grado femenino del Regnum Christi tiene su identidad, carisma, espiritualidad y misión definidos en sus Estatutos. Sin deshacer los lazos de oración y amistad, las consagradas del Regnum Christi, en este preciso momento histórico, evitarán frecuentar o aceptar invitaciones a encuentros que podrían manifestarse como expresión más de ambigüedad que de identidad."

Me surgen varias preguntas, que agradecería que alguien pudiera contestar:
1.¿Cuál es la identidad, el carisma y la espiritualidad del RC? Nadie me lo ha podido explicar ahora. En principio, se está en la etapa "iluminativa" para descubrirlo, por lo que hacer tal afirmación es negar la realidad del mismo proceso.
2. En caso de que existiera tal carisma e identidad ¿cuál es el problema en que se pueda frecuentar a un miembro de otra asociación, ambas dentro de la Iglesia? Es como si se les prohibe hacerlo con un miembro de los Focolares o con un fraile capuchino.
3. ¿Cómo se puede vivir la caridad, que es el mandato de Cristo por encima de todo mandato humano, si se prohibe frecuentar a la persona?
En fin, que la obediencia funge sin razón, y se sigue buscando un sometimiento de juicio que Dios nunca ha querido.
Lo hermoso de la Iglesia es que somos una gran familia donde florecen muchos tipos de semillas. La unidad fue y es la gran preocupación de Benedicto XVI. Ojalá nuestro horizonte sea más amplio que el de los muros de mi propio recinto de seguridad.
Nieves García

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