Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"You are not welcome here. Pick up your belongings"

by Nieves Garcia

Today I was witness. (freely translated from the original Spanish by blogger) 

I first met my friend in 1978. She was one of the founders of ECYD in one of the Spanish Provinces. She became a 'consecrated" in 1986, without her parents' permission, something that was very hard for her for a long time. 
After twenty five years she entered a period of discernment. With her (female) director's permission she went to Cordoba [Spain] to do spiritual exercises with some of the members of the new "Totus Tuus" group. Today she got a call from her director: "You can come back and pick up your suitcase, but you can't sleep [in the residence], or be around the center."
I saw her cry like a little girl.
She is 46.
After, she went over to a statue of the Blessed Virgin, renewed her consecration and gave thanks to God for her love and fidelity. With a smile on her face, she told us "I give thanks to God."
I make no judgment. I only tell the truth. Today I have been a witness.

Hoy he sido testigo. Conocí a mi amiga en 1978. Fue una de las fundadoras del ECYD en una provincia de España. Se consagró en 1986, sin permiso de sus padres, algo que fue muy doloroso para ella durante muchos años. 
Estaba viviendo después de 25 años una etapa de discernimiento. Con permiso de su directora, fue a Córdoba a hacer ejercicios espirituales con algunas del nuevo grupo de Totus Tuus. Hoy recibió la llamada de su directora: "puedes venir por tu maleta pero no puedes dormir, ni estar más en el centro"
La he visto llorar como una niña. Tiene 46 años. Después se acercó a una imagen de la Virgen, renovó su consagración y le dio gracias a Dios, por su amor y fidelidad. Y con una sonrisa, nos dijo: "le doy gracias a Dios".
No hago juicio alguno, solo comparto la verdad. Yo he sido testigo hoy


  1. Dear Nieves,

    I'm speechless yet I am not surprised. Age 46, in RC since 1978. Sent out like an unwanted cat.

    I console myself with the belief that those of us who left are better off, regardless of how the leaving happened. I gather you were not invited to join "Totus Tuus"?

    Thank you for writing this. People who haven't seen this abandonment might not believe it, but we well know it's true. Erica

  2. Ubi Caritas et Amor, Deus ibi est! There is no love in the LC/RC (except for money and connections), so there is no God.
    What a shame that so many lives have been ruined or at least affected so poorly by the Legion and Maciel, the monster!