Thursday, October 10, 2013

161 members [many ordained priests] who have left the Legion of Christ

This blog was sent data to the effect that 161 priests who left the Legion. See the comments below. It is partial, from 2011, and missing many; some of those names may not have been ordained to the priesthood in the LC. Members with knowledge could probably add a few more to the list: such as 
  • Fr. Pablo Perez Guajardo from Cancun, expelled in 2013
  • Fr. Michael Caheny, now married and living in Brazil
  • Fr. Thomas Williams
  •  Fr. Kevin Walsh was only a seminarian when he left; later ordained to the diocese of Arlington, VA, USA
  • Fr. Santiago Perez Santana
  1. Acero Buenaventura
  2. Alarcón Félix
  3. Amezcua Mario
  4. Andere José
  5. Atuire Cesar
  6. Bancale Pier Luca
  7. Barry Douglas
  8. Bata Jose Antonio
  9. Batta Marco A.
  10. Belardi Todd
  11. Belasque Emerson
  12. Bennett Thomas
  13. Berg Thomas
  14. Blanco Carlos
  15. Blum José
  16. Brosnan Christopher (Eamon?)
  17. Browker Jeffrey
  18. Brown Ned
  19. Bui Dai
  20. Bustamante Navarro Francisco
  21. Byrne Bernard
  22. Carrasco Manuel
  23. Castón José María
  24. Castro Juan Manuel
  25. Cerda Patricio
  26. Coates Desmond
  27. Cointreau Santiago
  28. Cronin Peter (Deceased)
  29. Cutanda Fernando
  30. Davidson Andreas
  31. Del Bosque Alejandro
  32. Desmond Patrick
  33. Deveney Cathal
  34. Devlin Eoghan
  35. Díaz Corona Eduardo
  36. Díaz Guardamino Ramón
  37. Donahue John
  38. Donelly Russell
  39. Droeghe Bernard
  40. Ermantinger Roderick
  41. Ermantinger Cliff
  42. Escobar Ernesto
  43. Fagan Kevin
  44. Farfaglia James
  45. Farrel Kevin
  46. Favreau Glenn (Deacon)
  47. Fernández Pablo
  48. Fernández Amenabar Juan Manuel, R.I.P.
  49. Ferreira Luis
  50. Fichter Stephen
  51. Fito José Ignacio
  52. Flores José de Jesús
  53. Freymann Joseph Diácono
  54. Fuenzalida Leonel
  55. Fune Héctor
  56. García Hipolito
  57. Gayarrola José Maria
  58. Gil  J.Ricardo Sánchez
  59. Gill Richard
  60. Gonzalez Jose Antonio
  61. González Juan José
  62. González Maciel Franciso
  63. Goodyear Michael
  64. Green Matthew
  65. Greenslade Richard
  66. Gutiérrez Jesús Arturo Diácono
  67. Hennigan Thomas
  68. Herman Van de ???
  69. Hernández Jesús
  70. Hernández Anselmo
  71. Herrera Guillermo
  72. Higgins Vincent
  73. Hurtado de Mendoza Marcos
  74. Iglesias Rubén
  75. Jambom Jeffrey
  76. Keogh John
  77. Kunze Christopher
  78. Larocca Rafael
  79. Larrey Phillip
  80. Larson James
  81. Lennon Paul
  82. Leonard Donal
  83. Lerma Luis
  84. Llanes Rafael
  85. Long Daniel
  86. Maher Thomas
  87. Marques Adilson
  88. Martín Pedro
  89. Martínez Racionero José
  90. Martínez Sada Carlos
  91. Mc Cormick John
  92. Mc Gowan Maurice
  93. Mc Ilhargey James (R.I.P.) See article on
  94. McCrahn Christopher
  95. McGrath Lancelot
  96. McNair Andrew
  97. McNeil Neil
  98. Melo Carlos
  99. Mertha Lawrence
  100. Molino Jorge
  101. Mollenhauer Arthur
  102. Moreau Paul
  103. Morris Jonathan
  104. Mulcahey Andrew
  105. Murphy Declan
  106. Nakvasil Richard
  107. Nazzaro Alfonse
  108. Nguyen Joseph
  109. O’Brien John
  110. Obradors Ángel
  111. Ordieres Alejandro
  112. Oriol Santiago
  113. O’Rourke Patrick
  114. Parga Gonzalez Francisco
  115. Pérez Gregorio
  116. Pollok Martin
  117. Polzer Daniel
  118. Poncini John
  119. Preciado Rodolfo
  120. Prieto Leopoldo
  121. Pulido Ruben Darío
  122. Quilez Alberto
  123. Ramirez Rafael
  124. Renedo Guillermo
  125. Rivas Juan
  126. Rivero Juan
  127. Rodríguez Jorge
  128. Rodríguez Jenaro
  129. Rueda Edgar
  130. Ruiz Héctor
  131. Russo Paolo
  132. Sada Derby Alfredo
  133. Sada Derby Salvador
  134. Sanchéz José María
  135. Sanchéz Neftalí
  136. Sandstadt Erik
  137. Sasse John
  138. Scroggin Christopher
  139. Sevillano Aurelio
  140. Sherlock John
  141. Sherman Branigan
  142. Silva Rosendo
  143. Snell Francis
  144. Spillane Jeremy (never ordained in Legion?)
  145. Stegniki John
  146. Stenson Brian
  147. Tarragó Jorge
  148. Tennyson Bryant
  149. Torres Francisco
  150. Trevisan Leandro
  151. Vaca Juan José
  152. Villalba Eduardo
  153. Villalobos Jorge
  154. Villalobs Oscar
  155. Villasana Alberto
  156. Villaseñor Gustavo
  157. Villaseñor Álvaro
  158. Voor Richard
  159. Wallace Jason
  160. Weighner Robert
  161. White Thomas

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  1. Please remove my name from this list. I was never a priest in the Legion of Christ.
    G. Favreau (46)
  2. Yes I can do this for you but I have to ask you if are the Favreau Glenn Diácono? If not, then I will leave the name. Were you ever associated with the Legion of Christ? Again, if not, then this is not you but another Favreau Glenn Diácono. The world is a big place.

    If it is true that you are the same Favreau Glenn Diácono I would like to know if were you a seminarian with the LC? and did you leave the LC as a seminarian?

    Most names on the list were also seminarians, I could change the title to include seminaries. If I do then I would leave your name on the list as a true statement.
  3. Apparently, you do not know English. Therefore, let me make something clear to you. You claim to have a list of 161 priests. You now include seminarians? Deacons? So, why not simply say "List of 161 Legionaries" rather than 161 priests? That would make more sense.

    Also, you have priests that left the legion spanning at least 40 years.

    I consider your list to be very inaccurate and very deceiving. I left the Legion a few years back. I am not on the list.
  4. Dear Anonymouses,
    I did not post this list
    From a superficial perusal I agree that there may be some who were never ordained priests in the Legion and that the list spans many years. But it is an effort in the right direction. Because for so many years the Legion buried the names and memories of those that left and we were taught that other religious orders had major desertions but not the Legion. It appears that since the death of Maciel there has been an increase in those members who doubt and question, and in those who leave the Legion; of the priests there seems to be a good number that have sought the diocesan clergy.


  1. Dear Paul I have nothing against you, but I'am priest in the Legion. May you be so kind to remove my name? Juan Rivas, L.C.
    In Christ JRLC

  2. Dear Paul i was a seminarian in santa maria de la montaña, a lot of my classmates did not make it through the 13 year formation program at the time, and that was part of the process. It can not be taken as a desertion. My spiritual guide Jorge Fernandez Tijerina told me at the time that my temper was not compatible with the legion ideology and he was right.